There’s only one Puerto Rico, but there are many ways to get here. There are over 588 non-stop flights to main cities in the United States, 30 flights to the Caribbean, and 28 flights to Central and South America every week. The island is also the cruise capital of the Caribbean; its ports welcome thousands of sea travelers daily.

But no matter how you get here, there’s not much you need to know before beginning your all-star experience. More information will make you feel like home as soon as you step on Puerto Rican soil. Read more...


More than an all-star island, Puerto Rico is actually an all-star archipelago. Just several miles off the east coast are the island towns of Vieques and Culebra.

Just seven miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico lies Vieques, a rustic island of lush verdant mangroves and forests, idyllic beaches and a glow-in-the-dark aquatic wonder of the world that must be seen to be believed.

Vieques is affectionately known in Puerto Rico as Isla Nena (“Baby Girl Island”) and is equally beloved by locals and visitors. It is truly a destination to unwind, slow down to island time, and beach-hop, swim and snorkel your way through life. Read more...


More than an all-star island, Puerto Rico is actually an all-star archipelago. Just several miles off the east coast are the island towns of Vieques and Culebra.

17 miles east of mainland Puerto Rico and nine miles north of Vieques lies Culebra, Puerto Rico’s resplendent diamond in the rough. Besides the tiny town of Dewey and a small airport, Culebra is mostly a smattering of private homes, green hills and beaches. The island is home to a few thousand year-round residents, a seasonal destination for nesting turtles, and a low-key Eden for tourists who seek something different. It also boasts Flamenco Beach, arguably one of the best in the world.  Read more...



Welcome to your charter experience with Vieques Air Link to Tortola. We contracted the services of Airport Service BVI “ASBVI”. to provide our passengers with the easiest and fastest inbound and outbound experience at the Tortola “EIS” airport.


Arriving to Tortola:

Once we land in Tortola, the aircraft will be greeted by the ASBVI personnel. They will unload your luggage and bring in over to the Customs area. You will be escorted to the Immigration lounge to fill your forms and clear immigration. Then you will pick up your luggage and pass through customs. Once you clear customs, you will exit and if you make pickup arrangements or car rental, they should be waiting for you in the airport curbside.


Departing Tortola:

The people from ASBVI will greet you once arrive to the check-in area of the airport. They have a counter next to American Airlines, but they will normally wait for you before you get to the counter. They will check-in your luggage and escort you through Immigration and customs and be with you at the waiting lounge area until the aircraft is ready for boarding. Once ready, they will escort you to the aircraft for your return flight.


Virgen Gorda Ferry:

If you plan to take the ferry to Virgen Gorda, below we will provide the link you can find their schedule times. Remember you landed in Beef Island airport, so you should look at the Speedy Ferries Beef Island departure times. Speedy ferries offer free shuttle service from the airport 15-30 minutes before every departure time. Once you get into the shuttle and arrive to the pier, just hop-in into the ferry and they will charge you inside the ferry, cash and credit card accepted.  We are providing this schedule as of June 2023 for reference but please confirm ferry times at Please note they have additional ferries departures on weekends.