Baggage POLICY

VAL Check Baggage Allowance



·         Maximum Size 22″x 15″x 9″: Maximum Weight 25lbs. Charge Fee - Free

·         The 25lbs pounds calculation includes All Baggage’s included your carry-on bag and personal items



·         Maximum Size 35.5″x 29.5″x 16″ | Maximum Weight 50lbs. | Charge Fee - $1.50 per pound of the excess of 25lbs.

·         Any baggage, the weight of which exceeds the applicable maximum free allowance of 1 bag or 25lbs, will be accepted for transportation only upon payment of the applicable excess baggage fees.



Checked Baggage

  • A checked baggage is defined:
    • • Maximum weight per bag is limited up to 25lbs. (11.34kgs.) and maximum linear dimension of 158cm (62in) per fare-paying passenger.  
    • • Passengers are not limited as to the number of pieces to check-in as long as the total of weight do not exceeds 50lbs. 
    • • Our 25lbs. baggage allowance is complimentary. 
    • • Linear dimension is calculated by adding together its’ greatest outside height, width and length – wheels and handles included.
  • Overweight Baggage:
    • • Baggage exceeding our allowance, 26lbs up to 50lbs (11.79kgs – 22kgs), is subject to $1.50 per pound. If the baggage is more than 51lbs (23kgs) is subject to aircraft weight and space availability.  
    • • In the event that your excess baggage cannot be accommodated, luggage will travel on a subsequent flight.
  • NOTE: Passenger is responsible for forward shipping expenses and arrangements.
  • Baggage Transfer

ViequesAir Link is not responsible of transferring baggage to other airlines on your behalf. When connecting to other airlines, you will need to claim your baggage upon arrival, and re-check it when you reach your next carrier.


Baggage Claims

Your luggage will be transported on conveyor belts and baggage carts and may encounter weather conditions such as rain, wind or sun light. It may move and shift during takeoff, flight and landing. Tag your bag with your information inside and outside. Please examine your baggage condition upon arrival. If the condition is less than what it was when you checked in, please report your concern to a customer service agent at our check-in counter before leaving the airport.


Traveling with Pets

Advanced Reservation Required, as only one pet or service animal per aircraft. 

·For pet’s reservation need to book 48 hours prior to the flight thru our call center department at 787-741-8331 or 1- 888-901-9247.

• Pet charge is $30.00 each way

• VAL accepts only domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits, and household birds for transport as pets when accompanied by the Customer.

• A hard kennel is required for all routes.

• Vieques Air Link provides kennel for an extra charge of $15.00

• Up to 2 animals from the same family household are permitted on the same aircraft if space permits. It is possible that, due to space or weight constraints, the passenger and animals may not be able to be accommodated on a flight, and passengers would need to make other arrangements.   Multiple live animals from different households are not permitted on the same aircraft due to concerns of animal interaction onboard our small aircraft.

• Each pet will be charge separately.

• Total weight of the pet’s and kennel may not exceed 30lbs.

• Pet hard kennel maximum measure is 26”x18”17”.

• VAL reserves the right to refuse carriage of pets at any time.

• Total weight of the pet and kennel may not exceed 30lbs. Pet kennel maximum measure is 26"X18"X17".

• Charter flights could be arranged on VAL availability to accommodate a passenger with a service animal that is too large. Call Reservation for availability and charter cost.


Service Animals


Traveling with your Trained Service

• On VAL flights, trained service animals are expected to be seated in the floor space below a customer’s seat. Trained service and confirmed travel for free. The size of the animal must not exceed the “footprint” of the passenger’s seat.

• All pets traveling will be placed in kennel prior to passenger boarding. Non service dogs will not be permitted to walk with leash from gate or terminal to aircraft. 


Trained Service Animals

Trained service animals are defined as only dogs with a Max weight of 30lbs, regardless of breed, specifically trained to assist a person with a disability.

Customers must submit the U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form, for validation prior to their flight attesting to the animal’s health, training and behavior.

• For travel booked 48 hours or more prior to departure, customers must submit this documentation in advance for validation through the email

• For travel booked less than 48 hours prior to departure, customers may present the U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form at the check-in counter or departure gate.


Emotional Support Animals

•In accordance with the final rule by the U.S. Department of Transportation, effective Jan. 11, 2021 new bookings for emotional support animals will no longer be permitted. Customers who wish to travel with a pet may do so according to VAL  Pet Travel Policy. 


 Inappropriate Animal Behavior

We understand how important your animal is to you. We will only refuse transportation of a trained service animal, if it engages in disruptive or aggressive behavior such as: 



   Jumping on customers, flight attendants or staff 

   Relieving themselves in the gate area or cabin 

  Barking excessively, not in response to a handler’s need or distress 

If all requirements are not met, the animal will travel as a pet in the cabin or cargo if space available. Reasonable rearrangements for a later flight could be consider or customer can arrange a charter flight.


Sports Equipment- Baggage Allowance

Fishing equipment

• We accept fishing equipment as long as the rod is encased.

• Must be packed in hard-sided case.

• A limited release tag is required.

Golf Bags

• We accept closed golf bags.

• Bag should be a hard-sided carrying case provided by Passenger, including clubs, balls, and shoes. Hooded golf bags or golf bags in a soft-sided carrying case provided by the Passenger will be subject to limited release.

Scuba equipment

• Scuba tanks should be empty.

• All accompanying equipment (e.g., BCD, weight belt, one regulator, one tank harness, one tank pressure gauge, one mask, two fins, one snorkel, one knife, and one safety vest) are encased together in a container acceptable to Carrier.

• The equipment have to be informed during reservations and will travel on space availability only.

FIREARMS – Regional Airports Policy

• Passenger is responsible to notify VAL in advance when making the reservation if he/she will be traveling with a firearm.

• Firearm must travel in a locked suitcase provided by the customer.

• Firearms and ammunition can be transported within the same locked case, must travel in hard-sided case.

• The firearm and ammunitions cases need to be locked and secured. Locked means either padlock or travel cases with locks ie Bio, Combo, key or key card. 

•The counteragent will inspect the case to make sure is locked and inquire if firearm is unloaded with ammunition separated then he will accept the bag or suitcase as CHECK-IN luggage, It will not be CARRY ON. Conceal Carry need to put gun and ammunition inside a backpack or suitcase. Firearms that are use for hunting (shotgun rifles) no longer can used soft cases for transport.

.Passenger will fill out V.A.L. Firearms Travel Disclosure Form declaring that he /she is in compliance with Federal Laws & V.A.L. Travel policies. Any violations or failure to comply with the transport of firearms the passenger may face federal and or state criminal prosecutions.

•Security personnel (Ranger, ST. James etc. ) are not L.E.O. and has to comply with the same Policies that a private citizen license firearm holders has.

•Passenger with an expired license cannot travel with the weapon he/she has to make the proper arrangement securing the firearm.

.Web booking requires costumer to call our Call Center to provide his license information.

•Any uniform under official duty will travel with their weapon and they should follow their travel guidelines under Federal and States laws. For other L.E.O.s not in uniform but on official duties, The Officer or Agency must inform Call Center that it will have personnel traveling on Official duties.



• We can provide you a wheelchair at the gate for arrival and departures, your personal wheelchair will travel as cargo on your same flight. You must request this when making your reservation and at the check-in.

NOTE: Unusually shaped objects: Large pieces or sporting equipment exceed the capacity of the compartments and are not accepted for transport.



Luggage is designed to protect its contents. Vieques Air Link, Inc. cannot be liable for minor exterior damage (i.e. scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, cuts and dirt resulting from normal wear and tear of baggage). We are gladly to transport your fragile items but we cannot accept liability for it. Please let us know in advance of any item you may be concern for extra caution and consideration.

For oxygen tank please refer to:
Items prohibited on Vieques Air Link flights please see T.S.A. policy: